VI International Conference in Minsk

Картинка новости In November 2016 at The 6th International Conference "Preservation, support and promotion of Russian language and culture abroad" in Minsk Olga Radziwill, the president of NCRF and the author of the project, presented the project "Buyan Island". The main idea of ​​her statement was that in Russia there are very much projects aimed at ethnic separation and confrontation between the foundations, but Buyan Island is the integration project, appealing to the general source, mythological alloy and mix of cultures.

The legacy of genius remain on the Island of Buyan

Картинка новости In June 2016 at the State Duma passed the screening Anatoly Balchev's documentary film about the life and activities of the brilliant Russian engineer and scientist - Vladimir G. Shukhov. The creative team of the NCRF is going to use non-standard high-rise construction in the amusement park "Buyan Island", so the fund’s employees with great interest explore the construction of such facilities in Russia and abroad.