About project
The National Culture Revival Fund has prepared a project, which can be called a great cultural project of reboot. We are ready to build a bridge in a fabulous antiquity, which does not correlate directly with the story, but based on the mythology and our Indo-European past.

The significant part of our project is creation a network of large mythological theme parks. The Fund is developed a conceptual model of the grand amusement park with the probability to make franchise in future.

The “Buyan Island” park will be the first global amusement theme park in Russia and Eastern Europe. It’s planned not only as a tourist brand, but to a greater extent, as a school which can educate generations passing to them images of Russian culture with its greatness and power.

The concept is based on the images and characters of the Russian epos: myths and legends about Buyan Island and Hyperborea mysterious. It will occupy the territory of 50­-100 hectares and be open in all weather and seasons.

According to the Concept, should be implemented all the latest achievements of scientific and technical ideas in architecture, innovation, visual effects, today's environmental and energy-saving technologies in the park "Buyan Island". Therefore, we are interested in attracting a partner company with a worldwide reputation and successful experience in implementing similar projects.

The group of co-thinkers have included well-known figures of culture, artists, architects, designers, builders, economists, lawyers, writers, anthropologists, philosophers, methodologists and other specialists.

We are supported by the State Russian Museum. An international engineering and design company ARUP, who has extensive experience in large-scale construction projects implementation, including world-class entertainment parks, is ready to cooperate with us.

Within the frame of the main project we want to combine several related areas (production of feature films and TV series, animation, computer games, exhibition and museum activities, conducting of music and theater festivals, etc.) that will fill the information space of Russia with the images of unity of the peoples around one core.