Russian Museum about the project

Main image Gregory N. Goldovskiy - Acting Deputy Director for Science: "Your noble initiative aimed to decision important and topical today education task of the younger generation's to induce the interest in Russian history and culture, and respect for its centuries-old spiritual and artistic traditions. We are confident that the project "Buyan Island", which concept involves different directions of your programs, will be popular for people of different ages, including no parent’s care children, and can make a valuable contribution to the noble cause of the spiritual revival of our country."

Sergei Lukyanenko: It’s stunningly beautiful idea!

Main image Sergei Lukyanenko - science fiction writer: "In my opinion, this is a stunningly beautiful idea, fantastic, appeals to the children's impressions, to fairy tales, grafted from the very first years of life. Such a place would be popular not only among foreign tourists looking for exotic, but it would be important for each person living in Russia. This is a touch to the fabulous folklore, Russian history, Russian fairy tales. Buyan Island is a wonderful project, in my opinion! Good luck from all my heart!"

Gennady Tkachenko-Papizh: Buyan Island's time has come!

Main image Gennady Tkachenko-Papizh: "This is the most amazing project which I have met! I feel: Buyan Island's time has come! This is our source, our antiquity, It's the image of the heavenly land, the cradle of humanity, and because it answers in every soul."

Arthur Waha: Traces of unseen beasts…

Main image Arthur Waha - film and theater actor: "When I'll go to Buyan Island, I will be Leshy or silvan there: scaring and tickling everyone..."

Leonid Leikin: It's like a fairytale!

Main image Leonid Leikin - clown, actor, director: "The main thing is that "Buyan Island" project is based on the kindness, on the positive; there will no evil, like a fairy tale, where good triumphs over evil. It will be a place where children can have fun!"

Anwar Libabov: We need a domestic brand!

Main image Anwar Libabov - film and theater actor, the clown: "There are Disneyland and others amusement parks on the West, but we only have parks since Soviet times. Buyan Island - domestic brand, which resound throughout the world…"

Olga Radzivill: Our common Indo-European past

Main image Olga Radzivill – the president of NCRF, poet and public figure: “In the "Buyan Island" project we raised deep historical and mythological layers of folk culture, rooted in our common Indo-European past.”